The Woman’s Opportunity Rehabilitation Center (The WORC) is a community correction program that offers an alternative to incarceration (ATI) programs for female offenders in and around Nassau County, NY.


Staff takes a holistic approach to providing services to this under-served population.

Our Mission


The mission of The WORC, Inc. is to help female offenders become self-sufficient, empowered and to divest them from public assistance.


We assist women in their rehabilitation, breaking the cycle of recidivism by determining and addressing the root causes of their criminal behavior.

An Alternative to Incarceration


The WORC has become a vital component of the criminal justice system.  Judges utilize the program as a 'true alternative' to a jail sentence.  Through assessment, tutoring, counseling, and ultimately employment, WORC ends the womens' need for public assistance.

The Program


The WORC offers a six month structured day reporting program that has proven to be effective. The following services are provided by licensed NY State certified staff:  Court advocacy for pre-sentence female offenders, educational assistance, vocational services, personal counseling, life-skills workshops and assessment and referrals.

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